Works (Underlined work name includes hyperlink to performance/recording)

Photo Mirva Koivukangas

For Orchestra

Keihäitä for Baritone, Choir and Orchestra

Metamorphoses– for Accordion and Strings (String Orchestra Version)


Which One Is It for Orchestra

Ankarat valovedet – Cello Concerto 

Nebula – Guitar  Concerto Petri Kumela/Keski-pohjanmaan kamariorkesteri/(C) Juha Kangas 

… For they are the act’s a man would play… – for String Orchestra 

Amuse bouche for Orchestra Tampere Filharmonia/(C) Hannu Lintu

Requiem (Orchestra Version)

For Large Ensemble

Requiem  for Large Ensemble   

Because It’s Not There for Large Ensemble

Chamber Music

Forrest Humming for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Niin kauan minä tramppaan (And Other Assorted Love Songs) for Accordion and String Quintet

Emerald Reflections for Alto Saxophone and Accordion

La luna di Paradiso for Guitar Sextet 

Tango Schetches for In Time-Quintet no FP

Glances for Double Bass and Piano

Beyond The Purple Haze for Woodwind Quintet

Composition XXIV for Bassoons and String Quartet

String Quartet No. 2 

Twighlight Dances for Violin and Piano

Metamorpfoses for Accordion and String Quintet 

Piano Quintet

Coffee Break(With Inner Almond) for Clarinet and Cello


El amor en los tiempos del cólera  for Vibraphone

Testament – Accordion Sonata 3.

Sonno di Sparafucile – for Double Bass

…Tummetessa illan…– for Cello 

Water(Elements) – for Piano

Songs and Song Cycles

Etelä-pohjalaisia kansanlauluja  – Song Cycle (5 songs)

Finnish Folk Lyrics

Ur Återsken Song Cycle for Soprano and String Quartet (5 songs)

Poems by Henry Parland 

Siivet III  lied     

Poem by Ville Hytönen  

Miksi et sano sitä ääneen? lied

Poem by Julius Martikainen

Missä armahani lied


Uniavaruusalus Song Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano and Guitar Tiina Penttinen/Petri Kumela(5 songs)

Poem by Rakel Liehu

Pääskysen veri Song Cycle (4 songs)Tiina Markkanen/Marie Körkkö

Poem Rakel Liehu

Works for Choirs

A Dream of a More Equal World  for Mixed Choir and Percussion

Texts of Christine de Pizan and Martin Luther King combined and composed by Mirva Koivukangas

Siivet for Male Choir and Saxophone Quartet

Poem by Ville Hytönen      

Kaipaus – for Mixed Choir       

Poem by Uuno Kailas          

Kuninkaiden laakso  for Mixed Choir

Poems by Rakel Liehu

Oroliga drömmar for Female Choir and Soprano  

Poems by Edith Södergran   

Karjala  for Mixed Choir

Poem by Pauli Kärkkäinen          

Kuvia Rautalammelta for Mixed Choir

Poem by Eino Leino

Works for Stage

Oikeusjuttu – Der Prozess  – Opera

Libretto Jussi Moila

Last Night It Was Visited By Laura Palmer –  for Pianist  

Ville Hautakangas Piano

Maailman loppua paossa – Children’s Opera  

Libretto Susanna Haavisto     

Music for Children and Beginners

Onnex on  for Children’s Choir and String Orchestra

Text by Heikki Salo

Kuuletko minua – for A.Saxophone and Accordion

Aquatus – for A.Saxophone and Accordion

Four Mythical Animals – Suite for Accordion

Pulse  for Clarinet, Accordion, Percussion and Cello

Starry Night  for two Pianos

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